Policy 3130: Use of Tech and Info; Feedback required by March 18

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Policy 3130: Use of Tech and Info; Feedback required by March 18
by Stasia Hartley - Thursday, 3 March 2011, 8:57 AM
Please find attached a zip file that includes six documents with information regarding Wi-Fi in schools.

This is a new policy that is being proposed to the board and some discussions at COPACS have already begun regarding the implementation plan of Wi-Fi in schools in terms of which level of schools need Wi-Fi and how much; what are the benefit to students; what are the possible health hazards to staff and students according to which health authority, what is the cost- benefit analysis, etc.

The school board's Technology Plan includes a tentative installation plan of 100% Wi-Fi coverage in secondary schools, 50% or so in middle schools and unknown % coverage needs in elementary schools. The district states that this
technology will be used by administrators, staff and guest presenters in
schools for ad hoc events and not for use by students initially. The policy
committee reviewing this policy desires to hear as much pac member feedback as possible in order to ensure that a comprehensive and reflective policy is written.

COPACS wishes to provide these documents in order to inform PAC members on this issue and thus allow everyone to draw their own conclusions and provide feedback to the policy committee.

Feedback is no later than the March 18th, just before Spring Break, so that it can be compiled and submitted to the policy committee for final review and revision of policy to be submitted to the board for approval.