Update on sponsorship to VI Parents Conference

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Update on sponsorship to VI Parents Conference
by Stasia Hartley - Sunday, 30 January 2011, 9:05 PM
Due to the large interest in registering for the V.I. Parent Conference, COPACS is expanding its reimbursement opportunity to all PACs in the district #63.

COPACS agrees to reimburse 3 parents from each school in school district 63.

Individuals must pay first then satisfy the requirements for reimbursement before COPACS will send reimbursement. School PACS may sponsor and pay for 3 parents and then be reimbursed by COPACS.

By next COPACS meeting on Thursday February 3rd:

School PACs must submit a list of the names of all pac members who have registered for the conference (and their phone numbers and email addresses). If at that time all eligible positions are not filled by 3 pac members from each school, COPACS exec will distribute the remaining eligible spots equally amongst the three zones in the district as best as possible.

REQUIREMENTS FOR REIMBURSEMENT: after submitting proof of attendance (receipt) and submitting a one paragraph or page summary about their experience at the conference. The participants will be reimbursed within two weeks of submitting their summary.

For more information please contact Stasia Hartley.