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by Christine Etele - Friday, 10 April 2015, 9:24 PM
I want to put out a last minute call for a very important event happening this Sunday.

 The Families Against Cuts to Education ( FACE), is a province-wide Day of Action, April 12th-- of parents, students and community members concerned about the on-going under funding of BC public education.

As a way of background -- as you know-- we are in the middle of planning our school budget for next year.  This is the time of year where with the active input of parents and all of the education partner groups, the district sits down with what our projected enrollment is, what it will cost to meet the educational needs of those students and compare it with what the ministry is going to fund us for.

You probably haven't realized it but for about the last 12 years or so we have been under funded about 2 million dollars yearly.  There is lots of wonderful information on the district website giving more detail to the specifics of the budget pressures facing our district.  I just want to simply note that any one can look at the numbers and it is clear that we have done everything we can to be efficient, creative and lean while maintaining a high standard of excellence in the classroom.  

Our success and robustness at weathering these challenges so well rests squarely on the people in our district. That is staff at all levels and quarters and of course the parents and families of our students.  It is the hard work and dedication in putting our kids first that makes Saanich such a great district to be a part of.

However, any system can only function so long under continued stress.  My fear is that if something does not change at the provincial level either in policy, politics, and or public discourse and opinion we will be hard pressed to sustain a quality public education system that we have come to take for granted.

"What can I do?" you ask. 

"I am completely maxed out! the expectations of fund raising at my school fill every spare moment I have and I am burning out!!  It so hard to get anybody to do anything!"

That dear colleagues is exactly what I am talking about!  You think the requests for fund raising is brutal now... wait a few more years!!  

We need to stop for a moment and ask why?  If every year we just react by doing more how long is this sustainable?  We need to start planning proactively.  We need to tackle some bigger questions beyond Purdy's and hot lunches.  Why is public education important?  What are the benefits of a quality publicly funded education system?  Can we afford the true costs?  Can we afford not to pay the true cost?  Do we invest in our future?

Wow -- feeling over whelmed?  Depressed?  
I have a suggestion -- Lets Play!  Lets have picnic! Lets celebrate! ...(finally here it is>>>)

Join Face (FAMILIES AGAINST FUNDING CUTS to EDUCATION) this Sunday at Beacon Hill Park, for a fun Festive Spring Picnic!! (12:30 pm)


In Victoria, Sunday, April 12th,12:30 pm there will be a festive spring Picnic ( so bring some food, dishes, cutlery etc) & Press Conference to Protect Public Education, located at the main playground in Beacon Hill Park ( adjacent to the public washrooms) 

please visit the following link for more info:

Yours for the kids...

James T.

Have a great weekend!