Saanich District Proposed 2013/14 Calendar - SURVEY Feedback required by Monday February 18th/2013

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Saanich District Proposed 2013/14 Calendar - SURVEY Feedback required by Monday February 18th/2013
by Cathy Fountas - Saturday, 9 February 2013, 1:36 PM

The Saanich School Board is distributing a proposed calendar for 2013-2014 for feedback from the parent and guardian community.

Please find online survey link below to provide your feedback and the proposed calendar details are listed below the link.



Please fill out the survey online:


COPACS will be distributing 25-50 hard copy versions of the survey to all elementary and middle schools on Tuesday February 12, 2013 and will be collecting them on Monday February 18th, 2013 to be submitted to the board office the next day.  If the PAC's at each of the schools wish to assist in the delivery and collection then please let COPACS know via email.. So please help us get the surveys to the parents/guardians who don't have access to email. The secondary schools parents and guardians will be asked to complete the survey online.



Proposed SD63 Calendar for 2013/14

The School Act and School Calendar Regulation (2012) require a Board of Education to adopt a calendar for each school year by the end of March in the previous school year.  This notice is being provided to employees, partner groups, parents and the community. Board of Education will make a decision at its regularly scheduled public meeting on March 6, 2013.



 Proposed   Calendar

Number   of days in session (September 3 to June 26)


Number   of days of instruction


Number   of non-instructional days (students not in session)


Schools   open

Tuesday,   September 3, 2013 

Non-instructional   day

Friday,   September 27, 2013

Thanksgiving   Day

Monday,   October 14, 2013 

Non-instructional   day

Friday,   October 18, 2013 

Non-instructional   day

Friday,   November 8, 2013 

Remembrance   Day

Monday,   November 11, 2013 

Winter   vacation

Dec 23,   2013 – Jan 3, 2014 

Family   Day

Monday,   February 10, 2014

Non-instructional   day

Friday,   February 21, 2014

Spring   Break *

March   10 – 21, 2014

Non-instructional   day

Monday,   April 7, 2014 

Good   Friday/Easter

Monday   April 18/21, 2014 

Non-instructional   day

Monday,   May 12, 2014

Victoria   Day

Monday,   May 19, 2014

Administrative   Day (students not in session)

Friday,   June 27, 2014

Schools   close

Friday,   June 27, 2014

Hours   of instruction offered – kindergarten


Hours   of instruction offered – elementary


Hours   of instruction offered – secondary


Minutes   of instruction per day – kindergarten


Minutes   of instruction per day – elementary 1-5


Minutes   of instruction per day – middle 6-8


Minutes   of instruction per day – secondary first semester **

304   *** 

Minutes   of instruction per day – secondary second semester **

328   *** 

*  The proposed calendar includes a week of closure, March 10-14, 2014 and thus a two week spring break.  

This proposal is predicated on the need to resolve employment matters with unions and to engage in ongoing review of the educational, health and budget effects of a two-week spring break. 

** Secondary semester one has 94 days of instruction; semester two has 87 days of instruction 

*** 304 minutes per day x 94 days = 476 hours; 328 minutes per day x 87 days = 476 hours 

Distributed Learning
 – The South Island Distance Education School will offer the same hours of  instruction as noted above.  SIDES will by open every weekday of the year from July 2013 through  June 2014 except statutory holidays, the two week winter vacation (above) and the week of closure  March 10-14, 2014.  Non-Instructional days will be noted as above, with possible adjustments in order to  serve the needs of students.  Such adjustments will be based on negotiation with employees, with advance  notice to families. 

Please fill  out the survey online:

 Thank you for completing the survey.