Feedback on proposed cancellation of Recess

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Feedback on proposed cancellation of Recess
by Stasia Hartley - Wednesday, 30 November 2011, 10:31 PM
Posted to our website is the information regarding the first board meeting with the new trustees.

Also on this posted attachment, Dr. Keven Elder provides an update about the job action that includes a special section regarding the recess supervision challenge. There is a recommendation that as of Jan 3/2012 that recess be moved to the end of the day so that the extra supervision required by the board staff can be done along with the end of day supervision being provided.

Dr. Elder is looking for feedback on this proposal, if you would like to provide your comments, please do so by Dec 4th. Please email your school trustees with your feedback. For the rational on why this recommendation is being made, please read the proposal in full.