SD63 Board Trustees All Candidates Meeting

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SD63 Board Trustees All Candidates Meeting
by Cathy Fountas - Thursday, 27 October 2011, 10:29 PM

Saanich PACS and Members,

Please forward this information to all of your PAC members and community at large.

COPACS and STA (Saanich Teachers' Association) are cohosting a meeting for the candidates running for school board trustee in Saanich district.

  Wednesday November 2nd, 2011  7 - 9 pm
Where: Royal Oak Middle School (4564 W. Saanich Rd.) 
            Multi-purpose room

Trustees will be asked three questions by the moderator and then the public in attendance will have an opportunity to submit questions to the candidates.

Only one of the current trustees and two new candidates have been acclaimed, so the new board will be very different. This new board will be responsible in allocating resources in our schools for the next three years and will approve the 5 year strategic direction plan of our district.

So please come out to ask questions and listen to the candidates' responses so you may make an informed decision.  

Saanich School Board Trustees Candidates

Helen Parker

Wayne Hunter

Kerry Steinemann


Central Saanich  Board Trustees Candidates

Nick Claxton        (ACCLAIMED)

Timothy Dunford (ACCLAIMED)


North Saanich Board Trustees Candidates

Monica Copeland

Barbara Menzies

Jim Standen


Sidney Board Trustees Candidates

Jane Husband (ACCLAIMED)