AGM - Proxy voting is an option!

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AGM - Proxy voting is an option!
by Copacs Executive - Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 2:01 PM

FAO PAC Executives and COPACS Voting delegates

If you are unable to attend our AGM tomorrow (either in person or via MS Teams) please consider providing a proxy vote, which are allowed per our Bylaws. Specifically, you need to:

- Choose who you're going to name your delegate. I would suggest someone who you know will be attending, such as another PAC's voting delegate or a COPACS executive officer

- Have two individuals from your PAC Executive confirm in writing (email that the chosen individual has your PAC's proxy vote.

This will help us obtain quorum in a scenario where fewer than 6 voting delegates are able to attend the AGM.

That said... we'd much prefer it if you attended in person - because that's way more fun!