COPACS letter to parents re: COVID-19 vaccinations

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COPACS letter to parents re: COVID-19 vaccinations
by Copacs Executive - Friday, 22 October 2021, 11:20 PM


Today the SD#63 Board of Education Chair Tim Dunford addressed COIV-19 vaccination for Staff and eligible students within our District. See the attachment for more details.

The COPACS executive appreciates many parents’ interests regarding vaccination and the safety of the learning environment for their children. COPACS continues to advocate for the Parents, Guardians and Students within our District and we encourage you to attend the upcoming COPACS meeting on Thursday, November 18 to articulate your views on vaccination.

The monthly COPACS meetings provide an opportunity to connect with other school PACs, the Saanich Board of Education, the Saanich School District Executive and Saanich Teachers’ Association. These meetings provide a unique opportunity for parents’ voices to be heard by those parties.

Details for the November meeting can be found on the COPACS website front page.

Yours for the children…

COPACS Executive