Assertiveness Workshop

Picture of Christine Etele
Assertiveness Workshop
by Christine Etele - Tuesday, 3 February 2015, 9:59 PM

Saturday Feb 14 9-noon
Greenglade Community Centre
2151 Lannon Way, Sidney, BC V8L3Z1
Phone: 250-656-7055

The workshop is $35, register through Greenglade

Few individuals think and act Assertively in stressful situations
because of our natural tendency to fight (act aggressively) or take
flight (act submissively) to protect ourselves. Assertiveness is
much more than a middle path between these two extremes, and
is different from nagging others until they comply. In this
Workshop, you will learn key differences.
You will do role-plays to begin developing Assertiveness as a
competency comprised of new knowledge/concepts, attitudes and
skills. You will see how Assertiveness produces better results for
you and for others, such as your children and work colleagues.