Strike Care Options

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Strike Care Options
by Christine Etele - Monday, 1 September 2014, 2:24 PM
As it does not look like school will be back in session for next week please see the list below for some last minute childcare options, if you know of any others please send us a e-mail with the details.

Panorama Recreation

- Camp sign up is per day. Refunds will be given if kids are back in school.
- As of Sunday Aug. 31st few spots remaining
- For children ages 5-11 years (younger children must have already completed grade 1)

Saanich Parks and Recreation

- Week long school closure camps and playground camps offered full refund if kids go back to school
- As of a.m. Sunday August 31st 2 spots in School Closure Camp for this week. Playground camps have more space.
- September 8 th -12 camps have more openings
- Playground camps are for ages 66 months to 11 years. School Closure Camps go to age 13

Over night Camp For Ages 8-11; and 12-14

- A Monday to Friday Summer Camp for older school age children from September 8-12
- Full refunds available if kids return to school. See website for details