(FAO PAC Executives) Zoom Licenses and MS Teams

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Re: (FAO PAC Executives) Zoom Licenses and MS Teams
by Phil Molloy - Friday, 25 September 2020, 9:09 PM

Update on Zoom License availability

Since posting our proposed approach to supporting digital PAC meetings, we have been in touch with BCCPAC and have learned of the situations faced by other school districts with respect to their access to online conferencing software. It became immediately clear that, given our district's access to free MS Teams accounts through schools, many other school districts are in more need of our Zoom license than we are. Therefore, we opted to donate our license to another school district (Surrey). As such, we strongly encourage PACs in need of online conferencing software to contact their school Administration about using the school's MS Teams account. If the PAC encounters problems with this approach, contact COPACS ( and we will assist you to resolve the issues.

Thanks for your understanding,